• The Importance of Eco Nutrition

    The Importance of Eco Nutrition

    Earth Day is approaching and is a great reminder to reflect on our earthly influence. One area that holds significant potential for positive change is changing the way we eat. Eco nutrition, rooted in scientific principles, not only benefits personal health but also contributes to the sustainability of our planet. In this article, we will…

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  • Spring Nutrition: Fruits in Season in April

    Spring Nutrition: Fruits in Season in April

    Here in the US, with April comes the spring. The spring season is known for the welcome return of sunshine, warmer weather, and more colorful produce in your store or local farmers’ market. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the nutrition we can look forward to from the vegetables and fruits in season in…

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  • Vitamins in Glass Bottles

    Vitamins in Glass Bottles

    Why Are My Metabolic Maintenance Vitamins in Glass Bottles? We are always thinking about impact. Our impact on you and your health, and our impact on Earth and its health. You may notice that a vast majority of Metabolic Maintenance products arrive in glass bottles. This is different from the plastic containers our competitors commonly…

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  • Women’s History Month

    Women’s History Month

    March is Women’s History Month. We would like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about women’s health. While we believe in equality and gender equity, we also know there are differences between female and male biologies that make our nutritional and wellness needs slightly different. In this article, we will be delving…

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  • Yoga for Menstruation

    Yoga for Menstruation

    All yoga is based in an ancient practice, but its modern popularity is evidence of how adaptable the practice is to individual needs and preferences. Some people come to yoga for exercise alone, while others practice only its meditative elements for spiritual or mental healing and self-care. Because of both physical and emotional elements brought…

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  • 40 Years of Metabolic Maintenance

    40 Years of Metabolic Maintenance

    On March 15th, 2024, Metabolic Maintenance will turn 40. With this big birthday approaching, we thought it high time we share a little about this 40-year journey with you, our loyal customer. Our longevity is, in part, thanks to your continued support and we are so grateful. Below, you will learn about the events that…

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  • Top Supplements for Heart Health

    Top Supplements for Heart Health

    Love your heart! More than just a symbol of love this February, healthy hearts are central to long lives. Sadly, there is no magic diet or combination of supplements that guarantee you’d live forever. However, there are lifestyle and nutritional changes that can be made to support the health of your cardiovascular system. These changes…

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  • Chocolate Heart Smoothie

    Chocolate Heart Smoothie

    We’ve got heart eyes this February! By that we mean we’re taking a close look at what will keep our hearts beating strong and long into the future. We have posted new blogs on top supplements for heart health and more info on our new heart-healthy offering, Berberine + Chromium. Below, we’ve got a heart-healthy…

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  • Berberine for Blood Sugar

    Berberine for Blood Sugar

    Berberine’s recent boost in popularity as a health supplement is multifaceted and Metabolic is offering a new Berberine + Chromium supplement. One facet is the benefits it offers in the realm of blood sugar support and insulin signaling. If your interest in berberine is related to gut health or weight management, check out the blog…

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  • Nutritional Support for Transgender People in Transition

    Nutritional Support for Transgender People in Transition

    While natural health supplements marketed to “women” and “men” are widely available, these labels can be alienating to important and significant populations of people. To someone who identifies as a trans woman or nonbinary, taking a “men’s” vitamin daily for their biology may feel like yet another betrayal to their identity. Inclusivity is important to…

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