Men’s Health Supplements: Give Dad the Gift of Longevity this Father’s Day

Reading Time: 4 minutes

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s an ideal time to honor the dads in our lives and advocate for their vitality and longevity! What more thoughtful gift could you present to Dad than one that says “I love you so much that I would like you to … Read the rest

Berberine Supplements: What’s the Hype About?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

News media is having a heyday over berberine supplements right now. As it turns out, the clinical data justifies the hype. 

Carrying excess body weight is not only a vanity issue. Excess body mass is associated with numerous health risks. Putting healthy efforts into maintaining a … Read the rest

Reset Your Gut Health in 2023!

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The start of a new year is a great time to start anew with healthier habits for a healthier you. If you’ve been following the waves of research published in the sphere of health and wellness, you’ve probably read (more than once) that gut health is … Read the rest

Mood Boost Smoothie Recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration. Once they’re over, however, many of us face seasonal sadness, and maybe even a few extra pounds of cookie weight. Why not push the reset button on the new year by starting your days with a refreshing … Read the rest

5 Fantastic Adrenal Supplements

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Support When You’re Stressed

There is some controversy around the term “adrenal fatigue” as it is hard to define or diagnose. In fact, much of Western medicine doesn’t recognize this diagnosis. However, the phenomenon of chronic stress taking a toll on the body is very real … Read the rest

Estrobolome: Gut Health and Hormones

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What is the Estrobolome?

The word “estrobolome” hints at its meaning. You probably recognize the “estro-” of estrogen and the “-ome” from microbiome. The estrobolome is a group of microbes that can influence the estrogen balance in your body. Yes, this applies to all humans on … Read the rest

Eating for Hormone Balance

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Hormone Balance Recipe: Broccoli Kimchi Fried Rice

Hormones are incredibly important to your physiology. A steady flow of these tiny chemical messengers is responsible for mediating your mood, energy level, metabolism, fertility, and many of the structural changes to your body. When your hormones are imbalanced, … Read the rest

Probiotic Foods: Kimchi for Gut Health

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What is Kimchi?

Kimchi has been a staple dish in Korean cuisine for at least 2000 years. While it is a generic term referring to salted and fermented vegetables, most people are familiar with a mostly cabbage kimchi that has a kick of spiciness coming from … Read the rest

4 Foods that Weaken Immune System Health

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We have plenty of resources available in this blog and on our website about what you can do to boost your immune system. The other side of the healthy-immune-system coin, however, is avoiding the foods that weaken immune system health. 

By removing the damaging ingredients from … Read the rest