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Elderberry Immune Support: Fact or Folklore?

If you are raising an eyebrow at the buzz around elderberry, you are not alone. It is understandable to feel skeptical of an ingredient that has been used in traditional cold remedies for hundreds of years — clearly pre-dating the practice of clinical research.  For science-minded individuals, history-of-use is often less important than data-based evidence. …

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Exercise Hormones for the Brain

A brand new study from Harvard Medical School has been published, shedding some light on the benefits of exercise and aging. We all know “exercise is good for us.”  Most people know that regular exercise is helpful for maintaining a healthy weight, and also keeps our bones and muscles strong so that we can stay…

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Omega-3 Supplements for Balancing Hormones

Maybe you think you have enough “healthy fat” in your diet, so you skip the fish oil supplement. Hear us out. Omega-3 fatty acids are unique, and unless you are actually eating fatty fish several times a week (and/or a boatload of flax), you may actually want on-board with this supplement trend. Omega-3 fatty acids…

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Sex Differences in Human Physiology and Metabolism

If you are biologically female and have ever approached a diet or weight-loss regimen with a male partner, you may have felt like the odds were stacked against you. Because of our physiological, structural, and (majorly) hormonal differences, male and female metabolic systems work very differently.  It can be frustrating, as a female, to watch…

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Give Your Immune System a Yoga Boost!

The idea that yoga can have a positive effect on your immune system is not ancient folklore, it’s science.  The immune system is a network of glands, nodes, and organs that work to protect the body from “germs” (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens). However, a constant supply of energy and specific nutrients are needed…

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What’s an Immune Boost?

We live in the era of the hive mind, and recently, an important conversation has been centered around using the word “boost” in relation to immune system supplements.  It is true that some immune systems are sub-optimal due to slow or weakened responses (and could indeed benefit from increased activity). The problem is that other…

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