Nutritional Support for Transgender People in Transition

Reading Time: 8 minutes

While natural health supplements marketed to “women” and “men” are widely available, these labels can be alienating to important and significant populations of people. To someone who identifies as a trans woman or nonbinary, taking a “men’s” vitamin daily for their biology may feel like yet … Read the rest

Holiday Stress and the Immune System

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Address both stress and your immunity with Balanced ResponseTM

Welcome to the 2023 Holiday Season! There are so many wonderful aspects to this time of year: gatherings, family, and the promise of a new year. On the flip side, those gatherings, that family, the reminder … Read the rest

Supplements to Help You Sleep 

Reading Time: 7 minutes

R.E.M. Maintenance™ offers 6 Sleep-Supportive Nutrients in 1 Supplement

Much like food, water, and air, sleep is a basic necessity for human survival. Getting enough sleep, quality sleep, and sleeping at the right time for your body can help to maximize your health and vitality. If … Read the rest

Host a Calming Tea Party

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Due to a variety of factors, about 50% of people over 60 are at risk of social isolation and 33% of them report feeling lonely [1]. Isolation and loneliness are psychological stressors that can cause both mental and physical health consequences. Humans are inherently social beings … Read the rest

Which Supplements for Relaxation are Right For Me?

Reading Time: 10 minutes

In this day and age, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everyday stressors. Unhealthy coping mechanisms, like alcohol or comfort food, leave us feeling worse, perpetuating negative feelings. Perhaps it’s time to choose a healthier support. Why not reach for something that works now, and supports … Read the rest

How Stress Affects Your Health

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Stress can elicit numerous, complex effects on both the body and mind. Answering the question of how stress affects your health, however, is multilayered.

One difficulty with studying the science of stress is that stress is subjective. Activities or events that feel stressful to one person … Read the rest

What to Do with Leftover Watermelon

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Watermelon Slushie

Watermelon is arguably one of summer’s greatest gifts. They’re sweet (without being highly caloric), hydrating, and high in hunger-satiating fiber. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. The only drawback to watermelons, really, is that they are so BIG! It … Read the rest

Try Our New Elderberry and Ashwagandha Multivitamin: Balanced Response

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Based on demand, Metabolic Maintenance® recently unveiled two brand new stress-support products: an adaptogen-based relaxation and sleep aid, called Ashwagandha Plus, and an Elderberry and Ashwagandha multivitamin formula, called Balanced ResponseTM.

Both formulas contain Shoden® brand Ashwagandha extract, which provides the most … Read the rest