DASH Diet for Healthy Blood Pressure

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The US News & World Report has published its “Best Diets” for 2023. The NIH’s DASH Diet ranks number 1 for “Best Heart-Healthy Diets,” “Best Diets for Diabetes,” and “Best Diets for Bone & Joint Health” categories. Maybe you’ve been curious about trying the DASH diet … Read the rest

How to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Reading Time: 4 minutes

With respect to the gender spectrum, we try avoid using terms like “men” and “women” in an exclusive, binary manner. We will, however, in this article be using biological terms “male(s)” and “female(s)” as they relate to physiology assigned at birth. With that said, this article … Read the rest

Glycine’s Benefits: Why Take a Glycine Supplement?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Glycine is a proteinogenic amino acid, which means it is among the amino acids used as building blocks for proteins. It is the simplest (and smallest) amino acid. Glycine benefits include improvements to fatigue, skin health, mental health, and inflammation.

What Does Glycine Do?

Glycine‘s … Read the rest

Sleep Age: A New Metric for Mortality

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A study from Stanford Medicine has given us a new metric by which to predict mortality: sleep age.

What is Sleep Age?

Your “sleep age” is a projected age associated with your level of health. 

People tend to sleep differently at different ages. And, changes in … Read the rest

The Most Bioavailable Calcium Supplements

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Try Di-Calcium Malate

Not all calcium supplements are equal. In fact, calcium supplementation has taken some heat in recent years, in part for the low absorbability of many supplements. Read on to learn about your options when it comes to the most bioavailable calcium for reaching … Read the rest

No-Bake Energy Bites (YUM!)

Reading Time: 4 minutes

No-bake energy bites are trending right now for a reason. They are easy to prepare, and easy to take on-the-go in your own reusable containers. 

If you haven’t tried a no-bake energy bites recipe yet, get ready to have your snack game changed. If you have Read the rest

Metabolism Facts and Fiction

Reading Time: 10 minutes

5 Common Myths About Metabolism, and the Truth Behind Them

“Boost your metabolism with this [food/supplement/diet] and burn fat faster!” The draw of an easier path to losing weight is tempting when, deep down, we know the truth: weight loss usually takes time, persistence, and deprivation … Read the rest

The Do’s and Don’ts to Intermittent Fasting for Balanced Blood Sugar

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Intermittent fasting and blood sugar can work together or against one another. Balance depends on how the fasting and feasting is planned out.

To “fast” is to go without food for a period of time. In a country where we struggle with an epidemic of obesity, … Read the rest

Finding Balance: Blood Sugar and Mood

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Not all mood swings are related to blood sugar fluctuations, but most blood sugar fluctuations will have an effect on your mood. So, whether you have a chronic mood issue or just a shifting, negative mood, it may be worth considering your nutrition and eating habits.… Read the rest